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  • : Cubie Club * Udine * Italy
  • Cubie Club * Udine * Italy
  • : Ce sucedial... What is going on in our land... Udine in Friuli - Italy - near Venice and Trieste.
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Our goal...

In this "club" we would like to inform you about what is going on in our land so as to arouse your interest and... perhaps you might then find you wish to visit our region, its landscapes, tourist attractions and events...  


   We are in Udine in Friuli * Italy * near Venice, Dolomites mountains, Adriatic beaches, Austria, Triest, Slovenjia, ...



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14 maggio 2012 1 14 /05 /maggio /2012 08:12



  C H A M P I O N S  

Udinese, you are great!

You are Friuli's pride!

      Bravi, Udinese sei grande, andiamo in Europa, sei da







Udine: Torre dell'orologio...35498 1609522009862 1590591614 31410285 2710601 n


La squadra di calcio dell'Udinese è per noi friulani motivo d'orgoglio. Si fa onore e vince.



Udinese calcio 


               Alè Udin...


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